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Why Southern Lithoplate should be your CtP plate supplies
You KNOW us

If you’ve been In the newspaper and printing industry for any length of time, it may seem we’ve been around forever. With our start in 1934, that may be just about right. And if you’re new to the industry, you’ve no doubt heard Southern Lithoplate mentioned by a number of your peers as the company they trust to provide a steady supply of plates, technology and service. You may know us, too, as one of the largest digital and analog plate manufacturers whose steady growth as a U.S.-owned and -operated company, has contributed to our reputation as a quality company with quality products and dependable service.

you want constancy & commitment

It not only can be unsettling, but extremely damaging to your operation dealing with a lithoplate supplier who is in and out of the market with different products and solutions. When you’ve built your prepress and workflow around a device and plate, and all of a sudden your supply is cut off, product is discontinued or the "formula" is changed, you’re left in the lurch. Your operation deserves a partner who is committed to your product, your market and you. Don’t wait for change to happen to you. Make the proactive change… to a partner like Southern Lithoplate.

you enjoy working partnerships

A relationship with Southern Lithoplate affords you single source benefits but with the advantages of having a group of trusted digital technology partners at your disposal… with one call. The Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance has CtP devices, workflow solutions, color & ink management, notch bend equipment, and sales and business development counsel at your beck and call.
you demand performance

Southern Lithoplate is the source newspapers and printing operations turn to when they need product fast—whether a little or a lot, and at a price and value that is unmatched. By applying the latest technology, automation and process controls in our four state-of-the-art facilities, we can respond to the demands of your operation efficiently, and cost effectively.

you deserve value

Just like our manufacturing, our sales and customer relationship practices benefit our customers in a number of ways that ultimately provide value like no other. No expensive distributor network, no giant inventory to warehouse. Our proactive approach to order fulfillment means we can manufacture the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost for you. That’s SLP value!

Just because a competitor or one of your peer papers implements a certain type of CtP doesn’t make that solution right for you. When you partner with Southern Lithoplate on a CtP solution, we conduct a thorough analysis of your prepress and print workflow so that the ultimate solution works for YOUR particular application. Southern Lithoplate has the distinct advantage of offering both proven Violet plate and CTP technology as well as industry-leading thermal and even analog solutions. This way, you have a technology solution that works for you rather than being a slave to
the technology.

We're Proud
to Manufacture

Replica® HSV
Violet Plates

Viper® 830
Thermal Newspaper Plates

Cobra® 830
Thermal Commercial Plates

You insist on Quality
Whether violet, thermal or analog solutions, Southern Lithoplate delivers product that meets or exceeds your need for consistent, reliable quality. That means superior printability, color fidelity, crispness and fine detail, achieving fast imaging speeds and dependable, repeatable results. Day-in, day-out, from production run to production run, Southern Lithoplate achieves a quality rating of nearly 100%— delivering a seamless supply for your operation.

you're in good company
Check with your newspaper counterpart in the next county or state. Talk with the nearest suburban paper or one of the small weeklies who also has a commercial print operation. Chances are they are indeed satisfied Southern Lithoplate customers. We know the needs of community newspapers, major metros and high quality commercial, book and packaging printers. They are among hundreds who make our 100% customer satisfaction goal achievable.

you expect service and support when you need it. 24/7 , 365 service

Wherever you are, you have access to Southern Lithoplate service and support 24/7/365. Guaranteed. We have the assembled the most experienced, knowledgeable experts in the business—standing at the ready to assist you in any of your prepress and pressroom needs. Our support teams are committed to providing you support via our Technical Solutions hotline, text message, e-mail, mobile phone or in-plant services—however, wherever you may need them.
Quality Value Performance

Resolution that Can't be Beat "We are impressed with the resolution of the plate. We are able to hold open extremely small reverse dots. We like the fact that the plates can be shipped to our location without slip sheets."

- Alan Six, Pre-Press Manager