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Liberty NXP no-process thermal printing plates meet the highest standards of performance, exceeding any other processless newspaper plate on the market. Liberty NXP requires no developer, water or processor. Plates go immediately from the platesetter to the plate cylinder, where they self-develop on press within a few turns.

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Southern Lithoplate Viper 830 TPX® negative-working, thermal photopolymer digital plates are designed for the speed, consistency and affordability needed by today’s newspapers.

Viper® 830 lithoplates are North America’s leading thermal printing plate for cold web newspaper printers. Their low power requirements, fast imaging speeds and forgiving performance—resistant to chemicals and abrasion—will save you time, energy, and money! 

Nytro™ is a no compromise high performance thermal photopolymer plate for a wide range of press types. Whether printing heatset, coldset or UV inks, sheetfed or web, the robust Nytro offers significant latitude while providing high quality, consistent results every time with eco-friendly results.

Replica HSV®  Violet CTP plate combines wide exposure latitude with consistent, durable printing that can yield 250,000 impressions (over 1,000,000 with post baking). Additionally, less waste and greater value is achieved in the make-ready stage thanks to outstanding ink and water balance on press. These enhanced press performance features allow for faster roll-up and reduced paper waste along with scratch-resistant photosensitive coating that protects the plate and preserves your bottom line.

Replica ECO LCV®  violet CtP plate brings high quality and efficiency plus a low environmental impact to newspaper prepress. Southern Lithoplate’s newest violet plate system combines environmental protection and productivity, enabling newspapers and coldset printers to enjoy reliable, consistent plate output while dramatically reducing chemistry usage.


MAC®  Affordable, production-quality analog lithoplates for news printers. Plus the assurance of consistent and dependable supply.

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Resolution that Can't be Beat "We are impressed with the resolution of the plate. We are able to hold open extremely small reverse dots. We like the fact that the plates can be shipped to our location without slip sheets."

- Alan Six, Pre-Press Manager