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Southern Lithoplate integrated processing solutions ensure consistent quality and productivity of our lithoplates and imagesetting film from prepress to the pressroom.

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Sanitizer / Developers / Finishers / Film Chemistry / Press Room Chemistry


WHO Formula-Antiseptic Topical Solution - Hand Sanitizer


Liberty NXP Startup Guide
HSD Developer
MAC® Activator Developer
Master Series Release Developer
News Release Developer
Replica 2 in 1
Southern Litho 830-n Thermal Developer
Southern Litho 830-n SC Thermal Developer
Southern Litho 830-n Pre-Bake Solution
Southern Litho Green Dot Developer
Southern Litho Processor Cleaner
Southern Litho 8N2 Replica NIR Developer
Southern Litho 8N3 Replica NIR Replenisher
Southern Litho 8N5 Replica Systems Cleaner

Southern Litho 849 Replica PS Plate Developer
Southern Litho 833 Violet Plate Developer
Southern Litho 837 Violet Plate Replenisher
Southern Litho Positive Developer PTPA-8
Southern Litho Positive Replenisher PTPA-9
Southern Litho HSV ECO LCV Clean Out Solution
Southern Litho HSV ECO LCV Stabilizer Solution
Southern Litho N-200 Subtractive Developer
Southern Litho Viper TPX® Developer
Southern Litho Violet Processor Cleaner
Southern Litho Washout Solution
Southern Litho X-3 Developer
Southern Lithoplate Replica AQ Developer/Replenisher


SG Finisher
Southern Litho 830-n Finisher
Southern Litho 8N4 Replica NIR Finisher
Southern Litho 8S4 Subtractive Plate Finisher
Southern Litho 840 Plate Finisher
Southern Litho C-4 Finisher

Southern Litho VN Finisher
Subtractive Finisher

Film Chemistry

Southern Lithoplate™ RFH Rapid Access Fixer Hardener/URFC Fixer
Dot Works Ultra Rapid Fixer Concentrate
Southern Lithoplate™ RDC Rapid Access Developer/Replenisher/Majestic 650 Developer
Film Processor Cleaner

Press Room Chemistry

On the Fly™
Addition Pen
Deletion Pen
Metal Deletion Pen “Negative Remover”

Quality Value Performance

Resolution that Can't be Beat "We are impressed with the resolution of the plate. We are able to hold open extremely small reverse dots. We like the fact that the plates can be shipped to our location without slip sheets."

- Alan Six, Pre-Press Manager